Location of Price’s Wharf

A question long unanswered has finally come to light thanks to the invaluable help of the South Carolina Room of the Charleston County Public Library. We have searched for an answer to the question, “Where was Price’s Wharf located at the time of the delivery of the Best Friend of Charleston in 1830.” A very obscure news article, located by the staff at the library, in an 1833 Charleston Courier reported a public lashing and tarring that took place at Price’s Wharf (now Accommodation Wharf). These few words from the article put our question to rest. Price’s Wharf was located off Vendue Range and is detailed as Accommodation Wharf on a map of the area at the time of the public punishment.

In an April 2014 letter to Mayor Joe Riley, we have requested that a plaque be placed in the vicinity of  Waterfront Park commemorating the location of Price’s Wharf in 1830. The suggestion to place such a plaque was made by an 8 year old member of the Charleston Chapter of the NRHS.  We proudly commend Benjamin Ensley’s initiative to make this suggestion and we recommend that the City of Charleston follow through in the placement of the plaque. The Charleston Chapter NRHS has pledged a donation toward the cost of the plaque.






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