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Angela Trotta Thomas says, “I have been intrigued with The Best Friend of Charleston train for sometime now and started doing some research about its economic importance to Charleston in the early 1800’s. Being know as “The Trainlady”,  I  have a great interest in all trains but especially Lionel Trains. I have been licensed with the Lionel Train company for 25 years to create paintings of their iconic memories. When I learned that the Best Friend Train was created as a Lionel Train some years back I knew I had to paint it! It seemed a perfect combination!  Being the only artist Licensed with Lionel and living in Charleston it was something I had to do.
Trotta-Thomas art

Best Friend of Charleston/Oil Painting/16 X 20

“This is a very special painting  with local historical value and was created as part of my body of Lionel Train art and not commissioned by anyone. The original painting was the feature painting of a one woman art show at Coco Vivo Gallery , 25 Broad Street, in 2014.  Every December I do a Lionel Train art show at this gallery. These shows have been very well attended.
“We have a small Lionel Train layout in the window of the gallery. In the postwar era Lionel trains were in almost every window of every business in America. Looking through the window at the Christmas trains was a very big part of the postwar era.
“My paintings depict memories most people can relate to, as Lionel is a part of the American Fabric.”
Angela Trotta Thomas BF

Coco Vivo Gallery/25 Broad Street/Charleston, SC

 Angela’s website
Fall  2015
Angela’s Book
Painting an American Icon:
The Lionel Train
Art of Angela Trotta Thomas

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  1. dennis rylee says:

    Hi Angela! I have enjoyed your work for many years and to me you are the most beloved artist of our time portraying both the beauty and love of the lionel trains from our youth and beyond to our final rewards. I wanted to ask you how I might acquire the painting of “Best Friend” shown here. Please RSVP when you have time. My phone number is 573 834 5505 and you can leave me a message after 7 rings if I’m not here when you call. BTTC is after 8 pm Central. All the best always …. Dennis

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