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January 1967 to 1999

            This collection of Chapter newsletters from January 1967 is presented herein for the purpose of preservation.
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Charter Ceremony on May 20, 1967.

Copy of Charter.

“The Cradle of Railroading”.

January                               Welcome.

First Board of Trustees.

Display of relics:

100 yr old locomotive  bell

American Flag draped over FDR train

Original rail from Chas-Hamburg Railroad

Whistle from narrow gauge logging

Early steam pressure gauge

Working patent model of couplings

Coach markers and lamps.

February                            Charter members:

Mendel Rivers                                 Ernest Hollings.

Antique coach owned by ACL to be restored.

Conductor’s caps donated by A Jones.

March                                  Mayor J. Palmer Gaillard is 100th member.

Gov Robt McNair is 150th member.

Southern donated stainless steel coach.

April                                      Membership Roster.

May                                       Pullman Car Bizet donated.

204 members.

June                                      Bizet is member of Opera Series of Pullmans.

July                                       The LeCatos become new members.

Letter from Sgt. TR Carroll, USMC, asking for info about Hunley for book.




November                          CCNRHS is youngest and second largest chapter in US.

A.Langley Railroad artifacts from steam era described.

December                         “Porter” engine gets new brake system.


January                               Old Union Station clock moved.


March                                  “Railroad Slanguage”.

April                                      Book on railway maintenance, 1926, donated.

Crossing tenders hand “stop” sign donated by C. Montgomery.

Southern Railway No. 630 in Chapter excursion.

May                                       C&MW No. 1 has steam dome shroud painted ”Southern Passenger En Green”

Stainless steel coach, “South Carolina”.

No. 800 being repaired.

“Two Days Behind a 2-8-0”.



August                              Baggage car no. 6450 rewired.

Chapter given 5 – 40 seat coaches:

No. 1052             Charleston        No. 1063             Aiken

No. 1054             Summerville     No. 1090             Hamburg

No. 1062             Branchville       (towns along 1830 Best Friend route). 

September                        Southern Railway donated to Chapter:

1 Baggage Car                                1 Heavy Weight Coach with a/c

1 RPO Car                                          1 Light         “             “          “   “Bristol” a/c.

Central of Ga donated:

Antique “Jordan” Spreader      Steam Derrick – 50-ton capacity.

3 generations of Norrises rode Azalea Special No. 2 out of Chas-Branchville.


November                          22 foot trailer built to resemble red caboose for $2750.

Robt Kennedy casket was transported in only car his brother, Jack, used while President.

Ray Kroc of McDonalds paid $63,000 for a 43-year-old Pullman.

Scale model of “BF” built for ChasMuseum.

December                         Picture of “BF”.





April                           Roster

May                                       L. Jones donated conductor caps and switch key.

Down payment of $500 made on Engine No. 44, leaving balance of $14,500.

$1000 donated for chairs for the diner.




November                          “Spirit of St Louis” passengers lie on tracks until a/c repaired.










August                                 Museum reopened.


Octo ber






April                                 Photos of Nelson family, HA Martin, Breck pegram, Marshall Elting, David Alvarado, Jack Gately, Carl Lehman


June                                   Photo of Augusta GA Union Station in 1968, last day of operation
July                                    Photo of Denmark Stations

September                     Honeymoon story by author, H.

October                           No 44 Placed bronze plaque on engineer’s side as dedication to L. Carrington Coleman.




January                              Photos of RR Stations…Harvin, Alcolu, Mullins, Savannah & Ga, SAL Freight in
Ga Central of Ga, Passenger Shed in Ga.



April 25, 1972                  List of members

May                                       Mr. and Mrs. ID Smith join Chapter.

BF Enginehouse dedicated, with Graham Claytor making dedication speech.

The “One Spot” diner is fired up and a fish fry ensued.

Photo of Manchester Locomotive Works No. 494.

Photo of Vernon Scarborough, “Red” Bennett, Kit Darby and Katie Darby in
dining car No.3157.

Membership roster of  April 25, 1972.

Letter to Editor by Le Cato regarding new CharlestonMusic Hall.





November                          Elloree Depot (ACL) of 1880, now a restaurant.

Le Catos make donation for No. 44 repair.

Aiken House mantel disappears.


December                         Pullman Car “Bizet”, discussion of Pullman Green color.


February                            Composer, Dovorak, “New World” was rail fan.

H. Truman favorite RR joke.

March                                  Remaining Jordan Spreader parts moved from Seven Mile Yard to storage lot
at SCE&G’s Charlotte Street facility.

Photo of No. 750 Chas Chapter Drum on rear of “LookoutMountain”.

April                                      Photos of Chapter Activities (Kurek, Park, Le Cato, Nelson, Pegram, Rohl).

Photo “BF” at AF Base.

May                                        Photos of Chapter activities.

June                                      News article about S. Spencer, First President of Southern, and death in train
wreck in 1906.

July                                       Name caboose comes from “kabuyse” which means galley (kitchen).

September                        Photos of stations in Middleton, Ohio in early 1900’s, Landrum, SC,
and  Hudson, NY.

Photos of members Kurek, Varner, Pegram, Elting, Scarborough, Le Cato and Nelson.

Dispatcher telephone, telegraph key, ticket stamp acquired.

October                              Graham County RR near Robbinville, NC to have “Railfan Weekend”.

Photos of Haluk Junction, Ontario and No. 44, Bamburg and Bizet.

November                          Kids day at Charleston AF Base with “BF” running.

Ex ACL coach  and ex SAL RPO car photos.



March                                  Jordan Spreader is ready for cutting torch.

Lehman reports on trip to Tokyo.

April                                      Movie, “Snow on the Run” shown in diner

May                                       AAR film, “The Right To Compete” (1956) shown.

Record, “People, Trains & Things in Blue Grass”.

Depot has runaway train.

“Liar of the Year Award”…trains huddle together in winter.

June                                      Copy of letter regarding Mr. Little’s funeral in 1891.



September                        Editorial about railfans.

Excerpt from “Commissary Instructions” by Pullman Company.

October                              November is model train month.





February                            Origin of Savannah and Atlanta Railroads.

Notes on Charleston RR of Civil War by Ken Sexton.

March                                  Chapter receives 4 diesel engines from Cummins Carolina Diesel Co.

List of items needed for maintenance…steam crane, locomotive 44, office car, “Norfolk”,
diner maintenance motor car No. 508, battery changing generator set, concession car, scrap
car, all other cars.

April                                      1949 message from Charleston to ACL in Wilmington, NC … trouble with 14 cars piled up.

May                                        Notes, records and blue prints obtained by which history of “Norfolk” (once called the
“Charleston”) may be traced.1975.



August                                 1853 SCRR car shop bldg saved by Preservation Society of Charleston.



December                         American Freedom Train.




March                                  Southern gave Chapter two rare transfer cabooses:

Cab XC-5                                            CabXC-6.

Elting family donates 8 place settings of stainless steel flatware.

Watercolor of No. 44 on display at VirginiaBoltonArtGallery.

Story of “Crescent”.

May                                       Chapter hosts Senior Citizen Excursion.

East Cooper Pilot publication remembers Charleston Chapter.

Southern “Crescent” remembered.


January                               H. Salmons donates Brown Hoist Steam Crane.



June                                      Amtrak clearance sale…list of cars purchased.

NationalMuseum of Science and Tech in Washington, DC has new locomotive “Olomana”,
Baldwin 1883, built for three gauge in Hawaii.


September                        Chapter sold surplus baggage car No. 355 to B. Frazier.

for use in “End of the Line” retail market on Market Street.

Report on National Convention in Roanoke.


March                                  Transfer caboose XC-5 has new interior.

Max Davis model train collection donated.

September                        Bell on locomotive No. 44 disappears.

November                          Washington Convention.


April                                      Chapter given Gulf Oil Vintage 6078 Gal Tank car, WRNX 14520.




May                                       Savannah Field trip.

Seaboard business  car, “Norfolk”, in possession of Charleston Chapter.


November –

December                         Le Cato elected curator

Dinner in the Diner


August                                 Photo of Chapter’s No. 76 pulling two coaches in Nov’76.


May                                       Chapter and Chas Police Athletic League sponsor steam powered excursion on Southern
Locomotive No. 4501.


January                              Cmdr Moale railroad memorabilia retrieved from trash by young neighbor.

Photo of No. 44 and No. 1 in 1939.


January/                             Photos of Trinidad, Panama, No. 1483 and Toledo Locomotives.


April                                     F. Moore asks for assistance in sorting through old RR papers that have accumulated.  Pictures of 1940’s cars at either Southern Shops or near old Union Station.

December                         Chapter Maintenance Equiupment list.



March                                  Member contributions recognized.

July                                       Schedule of ticket stamp patterns from 1895 ad.

August                                Chapter attention shifted to the AnnStreetMuseum now that financial matters
remove possibility of maintaining aging cars.

J. Heard completes Preservation Society and National Trust study of the Ann Street area.
Assistance was furnished by F. Moore and Le Cato.

October                              AMTRAK Station visited by private cars, “Pocahontas”, and “NewLineValley”.

November                          Annual meeting.

Chapter invited to attend groundbreaking for VisitorCenter.  Gil Baldwin and Frank Moore
recognized for their work.


February                            Discussion on cost of newsletter.

March                                  A. Pandy shows slides of New Ga RR excursion.

Chapter has copy of handwritten letter from Ezra Miller to Patent Office.

April                                      Publishers, Houghton, Mifflin ask Chapter for photo of “Flying Dutchman”.

May                                       National proposes video library.

June                                      A. McIntosh is presented mug by Post Master in recognition of “BF” contribution to
mail delivery.

F. Manigault shares RR memories.

July                                       Suggestion made for quarterly meeting as social events to include families.

Museum patch collection includes Mt Washington, Western Maryland, Pullman and N&W.

T. Fetters corrects use of SC Canal and Rail Road Company name.

August                                 Aiken House area undergoing renovation – oldest bldg in America, 1808.

Captain shares memories of rail trip to beach in 1924.

September                        City studies plan for commuter rail to Summerville.

November                          Museum untouched by Hugo.

December                         Officers elected


May                                       Two longs, a short and a long on a steam whistle.

Photo of N&W 2-6-6 & R/N 1218 in 1989.

List of railroad nicknames.

Recognition of Black inventors.

June                                      F. Moore donates “The Great Book of Trains”.

Copies of “Reports of the Railroad Commissioners of the State of SC from 1880 to 1936”.

Univ of SC has twenty-two cabooses to be set out at Williams-Brice Stadium for parties.

July                                       Joint meeting with Savannah and Jacksonville at Crossing Restaurant in old Central of Ga train shed.

Chapter looked at ACL wooden coach in private yard in Port Royal.

Visited temporary City Hall in old ACL Station in Ravenel.

August                                 Chapter’s saving account for No.44’s restoration transferred along with train to SCRM.

ChasMuseum featuring toy trains including our 1923 American Flyer train in O gauge tin plate.

V. Roming visited “BF”Museum to prepare  a model of the “BF” for SC Museum in Columbia.

September                        Model train show at Northwoods Mall.

Mrs. J. Scudlark of Delaware donated “Model Railroader” Magazines (1952-1988) belonging to
her late father, Dr. Stewart Le Cato.

Extra                                    Handwritten notes for Feb/Mar’90, Apr/Jul’91, and Jan’96.

October                              V. Roming donates 188 copies of “Railroad man’s Magazine” (1906-1917) and
“Popular Science”  of WWII era…Le Cato critique of magazines.

Ann Street construction discussed with mention of Hugo damage.

SullivanIsland burns playground caboose donated by NRHS due to Hugo.

B. Hainstock announces for President of NRHS.

November extra             Ann Street looks like avenue in Beirut with shell holes, earth works  and tracked
vehicles moving about.

1915 Moncks Corner Depot sold and moved for reuse as restaurant.

December                         SC Public Railways Commission to beautify plot of land near old wye at E Bay and
Chapel Streets.

Swiss Federal Railways to add two diners to be operated by McDonalds, golden arches and all.


January                               Chapter railway diner on lease to Hart County Scenic Railroad until April ’92.

Former CSX Line, The Buckingham Branch Railroad in Va, noted for scenery and
wildlife, carries cyanite, used in space crafts.

R. Andrews to publish book on great train wrecks.

February                            J. Fisher of CSX tells of vandalism in news article.

Norfolk and Southern Caboose, “End of the Line”, given to JamesSimonsElemSchool on
King Street.

Holly Hill Lumber Co No. 15 sold to M. Buckner in Junction City, Ga.

Le Catos attend ceremony and reception at Soviet Embassy in Washington.

“Crusty old Graham Claytor”!! article.

April                                      Joint meeting with Savannah in converted ACL Pullman No. 5341.

Mention of, as late as 1897, “Blue Line” horse drawn street cars on Broad Street, “Red line”
on Rutledge Ave and “Yellow Line” on Meeting Street.

Le Cato talk at Bishop-Gadsden is attended by Loti Rhett Ball, descendant of
William Aiken…verified that Best Friend frightened his horse and caused death.

Mention of RL Stevenson book, which tells of trans-continental train divided in the
three sections (men, women and children, and Chinamen).

Melfi requested info about LF Melfi who worked on Chas to Summ Train Route, 1903-1928.

“Southern Railway Cook Book and Dining Car Manual” being transcribed by G. Mooneyhan.

May                                       Report on Ann St construction and the thriving generation of pigeon life in the rafters that
has been undiminished by the steam and coal smoke.

Photo of Western Maryland No. 301.

June                                      Opening ceremony of VisitorCenter.

G. Baldwin recognized for his part in arranging donation of “Best Friend”.

Le Cato news article.

Le Cato  b’day memories of train adventures.

July                                       Discussion of assets of Chapter.

Chapter acquires “The Official Guide to Railroad Dining Cars in China”.

I. Miller donates collection of postage stamps featuring trains.

Hwy. 52 near Cades, SC has collection of old passenger cars visible off road.

August                                 No. 44 moved to Rion.

I A Athearn obituary.

Captain is given pewter and silver plate with “Best Friend” in Bas Relief for his assistance
with plate…he will display the plate at Museum on occasion.

Father of actor, Robert Mitchum, was a brakeman at Navy Yard in 1919.

September                        At Cades Crossing, JV Epps collection includes:

L & N Bay window caboose with false cupola added   &   ACL Coach.

French government expressed gratitude for relief supplies by sending “40×8”. boxcars
to states…SC’s in ClevelandPark in Greenville.

USSR asked NRHS for advise on establishing similar org.

B. Hainstock has color photos of C&WC ten-wheeler.

Photo of 1911 steam locomotive, Southern No. 4501.

Pharmacy in Colbert, Ga in reproduction of turn of century depot.

October                              Le Cato trip on Queen Anne’s Railroad.

Caveat Emptor…railroad china collectors…article written from “pigeon loft” at 24 Gadsden Street.

December                         Mention of “Bulldog Express”.

Chapter’s 25th anniversary next year.

December extra             AmTrak has bad “news” day.

Christmas and trains and Howard Fogg paintings.

Daddy with Christmas packages.


January                               Postcard showing battery operated loco, custom built in Gainsville for Franco-American
Gold Mine at Hamby Mtn, circa 1939.

Norfolk Southern to open computer dispatch center in Greenville in 1993.

Letters of congratulations for Le Catos on 25 year anniversary.

February                            Museum visitor from Royal Navy, R. Humble, has whistle museum in Cornwall,
traded chapter whistle for 5 chime CB&Q whistle.

Visitor, P. Bourassa, Canadian, member of 00 gauge, “Societe Nationale Chemins de Fer
du Quebec”…Le Cato also member.

1881 train wreck with Pres Hayes and wife detailed.

The “Whistle Man” attended Chapter meeting, has BodminSteamWhistleMuseum in England.

Movie, “The Emperor of the North”, with Lee Marvin, E Borgnine and Keith Carradine
is  shown… about the best hobo in the land and Shack, a conductor who would rather . . .  “kill a man than let him ride for free”.

March                                  O. Winston Link film shown by J. Seebeck.

Our Museum has table full of newsletters from other Chapters.

Le Cato reminisces about 1950’s Turkish railroading as told to him while in Merchant Marines.

April                                      Recount of AmTrak trip from Chas to New Orleans.

Trivia about Royal Train in England.

May                                       Advise on railroad hobby and etiquette on train property.

50th anniversary of Le Catos.

List of collectibles for rail fans.

F. Moore provides historic material for J. Booth’s “Old Union Station”.

June                                      T. Fetters book, “Logging Railroads of SC”, available.

“The Railway Marketplace” has wealth of listings of cabooses, passenger cars, etc. for sale.

July                                       “Carologue”, SC Historical Society Publication, reports on R. Wayner, author of “Car
Names and Consists”, and tells of his search for names of 15 passenger cars with 13 double beds each, built by Pullman in 1930 – “Pringle House”, now the Miles Brewton House at 27 King Street, was one name.

Demolition of Penn Station is discussed.

J. Seebeck tells of steam on the Murphy Branch, 1992.

September                        Visit to Biltmore via AmTrak 8-87, “Silver Meteor”, recounted.

Col J H Davis obituary.

November #10                 National Trust suggests Chapter share rental space.

November #11                 A look back at past members.

Chapter begins to catalogue collection.


January                               25th year celebration.

Anecdotes about “Carolina Special” and G. Claytor.

February                            National Trust reorganizes rental space.

Discussion of high-speed rail and Pres Clinton’s promise.

March                                  D. Chapman selling photos of Southern Railway Helper No. 6374 on a grade Salibury Division.

Gil Johnson of NC visits museum and tells of driving “BF” as teenager

Mrs. Lilenthal requests information about 1916 train wreck

May                                       Charleston’s Secret (“Best Friend”).

Bio of Ezra Miller in “Ties” by Le Cato.

June                                      Best Friend is in North Charleston!! …its track in three sections:

Laid with wooden strings, capped with strap iron

“U” rail, first mass produced rail in America

Contemporary rail.

Le Cato addresses 4th grade school class.

Photo of 1880 Ladson Depot.

July                                       Best Friend arrives at Ann Street.

Railroad Commission names new locomotive, “Carroll A. Campbell”.

After 20 years on display, Carrette Steamer, CA 1910, reclaimed by owner.

“Railway Market Place” advertised “Jay Gould” @ $100,000 complete with magnate
daughter’s brass bed.

July 20, 1993                    Welcome Back Program for Best Friend.

August/                                Best Friend program described.

September                        G. Baldwin speaks at program on behalf of Chapter.

Museum to be refurbished.

Remains of “Sunbeam Coach” found near LakeThurmond near Parksville in  SumterNational

October                              Rail service explored between VisitorCenter  and North Charleston.

J. Seebeck writes farewell to Charleston.

November                          Past President, M. Nelson, visits.

Article in National Railway Bulletin about C&WC with photos.


January                               G. Claytor retired.

February                            Discussed agreement between city and Chapter about gift shop.

March                                  Gift shop plans discussed..

April                                      Update on “Sunbeam” in Parksville, SC, being conserved by Dick Parks of Plum Branch.

May                                       B. Hainstock moving to Wisconsin.

June                                      Museum work continues.

July                                                       “

August                                 Museum work continues.

September                                        “

October                                              “

November                                          “

December                         Discussion of “BF” display.


January                               Discussion of “BF” display.

Visitor’s log recap for Museum.

February                            Norfolk Southern discontinuing steam excursions.

March                                  Regional meeting in Savannah.

T. Fetters writes on early train accidents.

April                                     Hamburg, after railroad service established, seemed destined for thriving commercial success but Ga. Gov.’s son was killed in this area and town withered.

May/                                      “Dining on Rails” covering railroad china updated to 1994.

June                                      HO Gauge equipment donated by T. Lowery:

3 Locomotives                                 17 Cars.

June                                      Special steam town grand opening.

July                                       E. Stringfellow asks for info on rail service on JohnsIsland.

August                                 Work continues on tracks for BF display.

John Smith, former”BF” engineer for 11 years visits Museum.

September                        Work done on “BF” tracks.

October                              K. Donaldson builds aluminum smoke stack for “BF”.

November                          G. Baldwins celebrate 50th wedding anniversary.

List of visitors by state with comments from visitors’ log.

December                         P. Stabovitz writes about his Maryland/Virginia vacation.


February                            P. Stabovitz gives details of rails at Navy Yard where 121/2 miles of track have curves of
only 100’ radius.

20 year display, Carrette live steamer, ca. 1910, is reclaimed by owner.

Three British Rosebud Kit Master shelf models displayed, were purchased at St.
Nazaire, France, W. 45th Street in Manhattan and a Beyer Garrett articulated at a drug store on Tu-Do Street in Saigon in 1965.

March                                  Chapter members help SCRM on workday.

Two kudzu covered locomotives shapes discovered at end of tracks, uncovered to reveal a tank engine and a turn of the century Baldwin, also found rusty set of drivers for “BF”.

April                                      Visitors to museum at peak numbers.

May                                       Expedition to SCRM in Winnsboro.

Chapter Porter No. 76 challenges flock of wild turkey on track.

Chapter President, A. McIntosh, introduces Mayor Riley at BF Museum opening.

Photos of opening.

June                                      A. McIntosh tells of ancestor, former Mayor of Richmond, Va, who brought electric cars
into city.

VisitorCenter shows video, “This is Charleston”, credits Charleston Chapter.

Review of book, “The Cat Who Blew the Whistle”, by Lilian Jackson Braun…tells mystery of missing railroad buff who restored his family’s

locomotive for use in dinner rides, mentions famous engineer adventures at throttle of Number Nine.

Ashley House resident donates “Le Train” by C.H. Ellis, with photo of “Best Friend” and “La Big Boy”.

July                                       Discussion of rebuilding of Camden Depot Sheds.

List of six “give aways” that you are a true rail fan.

Spencer shop to move historic Russian Deca Po to indoor storage.

August                                 O. W. Link’s wife imprisons him in basement and takes over marketing of photos…His recording of Big “J” pulling out as chimes of LutheranChurch are heard and “Silent Night” blends with a fading steam whistle… “makes it hard to keep a dry eye”.

October                              AmTrak trip report, with “Coast Starlight” faring best with hand picked crew and its use
as testing ground for innovations and improvements.

Santa Train at SCRM advertised.

November                          “Silver Palm” – new Daytime train.


January                               S. Farbstein of Ashley House donates non-operating models of locomotives that met
at Promontory Point to complete transcontinental railroad.

“Journey” poem by A. McIntosh.

P. Stabovitz writes of 1996 trip to DC and PA .

Plans for web site discussed.

February                            Video shown of SCRM Christmas display and diner in service.

Mixed train of 1940’s in American OO gauge on loan from J. Le Cato.

M. Hunt finds badge or tag marked N.E.RR. Charleston and Weldon Railroad at old ACL
freight station on E. Bay Street.

March                                  City of CharlestonCamden Shed Proposal.

April                                      Discussion of future development of Camden Sheds.

T. Hemsley, author of “Steam, Steel and Stars” featured in news article.

News article about Mr. St. Laurent of Summerville and railroad pictures and commemorative

May                                       Activity at Camden Shed discussed.

June                                      “Whistle Stop Tour” brings train to Charleston, Chapter members attend.

July                                       A. Nieland with CSX tells of modern practices in railroading, including the demise
of picturesque camp cars in 1991…crews now lodge in motels.
A. Knapp joins Chapter.

P. Stabovitz tells of steam locomotives in SC…includes those covered in kudzu at SCRM…also a shay near Remini, SC.

1926 Directory of Port of Charleston gives account of Belt Line Railroad.

Discussion of  on-going weather damage to “BF”.

Set of vague drawings received showing Children’s Museum in one shed and “Museum” in other.

Photo of K.C. No.900, Bessemer No. 6251, Missouri Pacific No. 1483 and LeHighValley No. 5126.

August                                 B. McCall uncovers documents relating to Army’s plan to use railroad artillery

to defend East Coast after WWI…documents now stored in National Archives

Rev. A. Eaves donates framed Southern Railway interoffice memo to L. Rodgers, dated 1947.

What is “Bowl” track.

List of surviving steam locomotives in SC.

Best Friend now has web site.

October                              October 3rd is 164th anniversary of completion of world’s longest railroad in US, the
SC Railroad.

Visit to Spencer, NC Transportation Museum, viewed private cars, “Loretto” and “Doris”.

November                          P. Stabovitz discusses Horry County Railroad.

J. Le Cato tells of boat trip to identify locomotive sunken in WaccamawRiver…
found four-cylinder engine, possible early Whitcomb  This area said to be rich in submerged artifacts.
A. Pandy  opens railroad hobby shop on Rivers Avenue.

December                         Dot Shultz obituary, instrumental in organizing Charleston Chapter.

I.D. Smith presented 25 year NRHS Silver Pin.

Picture of Waccamaw “Mystery Locomotive” sent to T. Fetters.

Visit to Pittsburg Avenue below Navy Base to view monorail track used by Futrex Inc.


January                               Visitor Center displays Chief Greenberg and Officers’ HO Scale Model.

February                            Susan Griffin takes charge of gift shop at VisitorCenter.

March                                  D.C. Abbot plans to donate items from Ravenel-Meggett Line.

Post & Courier article gives account of plans for improvement of the Andrews Line (N Chas
through Andrews, Georgetown and on to Mullins).

April                                      Plans for renovation of Moncks Corner Depot.

P. Stabovitz  reports on American Orient Express Train at old Chas Naval Base.

May                                       Directors’ meeting of Shed Management .

June                                      Discussion of plans for Camden Shed.

July                                       J. Phillips visits Chapter about new member recruiting.

Discussion of high cost of Camden Project.

Melfi family in Summerville has granite memorial made from stone of old turntable used in
Charleston…passengers helped turn train around.

July                                       R. Vandergrift, civil war reenactor, visits Chapter.

N Charleston expresses interest in “BF”.

A. Smith of Yorkshire, England donates 36 locomotive prints.

Group in Northwest corner of state plan tourist line over Aiken Railroad.

September                        P. Stabovitz explores N Chas passenger station possibilities.

T. Kurek family remembered as true rail fans.

Berkeley Elec Coop’s,  “Living” magazine reports that No. 44 is only existing steam loco
that has never been outside the state.

Efforts made to silence the train whistles within city limits of Winter Park, CO.

September                        Chapter votes to store “BF” in shed with glass panels to protect from elements.

Chapter provides copies of pictures for use in B&B at Branchville.

T. Fetters advises of new book, “Shay-The Supplement”.

October                              Problems continue with “BF” and artifacts being exposed to humid air.

P. Shults has father’s papers and mementos.

S. Griffin seeks photo of excavation of  original wooden track of SCRR.

November                          “Charette” of future plans for “BF” to be prepared.

Col. Springs’ memorabilia in RailroadMuseum in Lancaster.


January                               Items cleared from “BF” car.

O. Convis donates photocopies of 1890’s engineer’s peronnel record.

F. Jackson doing research for German Submariner about rail lines traveled from Boston to
Ft McCain in Grenada, Miss during wartime.

February                            Delegation meeting to discuss future of Heritage Corridor.

P. Stabovitz makes drawings for “BF” display.

GibbsArt Museum to display OW Link Photos of N&W Steam.

Ezra Miller’s great nephew visits Museum, wants to exchange photocopies of  his papers for
some belonging to Chapter.

March                                  OW Link book on sale at Gibbes.

VirginiaTransportationMuseum is selling video of Link at work.

Discussion of Sacramento request for loan of “Best Friend”.

April                                      T. Monnica, Chief  Conservator of StateMuseum in Columbia, inspects “BF”

and recommends storage in protected, climate controlled environment.

His report submitted to City Government.

R. Blair donates B/W reproductions of Railroad Equipment Displayed at Columbian Exposition in
Chicago, 1903 – has Rogers built ten-wheeler, plant system No. 100 with tender lettered, “Charleston & Savannah Ry.”

Dr. H. Heins authors book of medical student’s trip from Charleston to PA in 1860’s.

May                                       Chapter discussed display of “BF” Locomotive at Sacramento Rail Fair ’99 and Link exhibit
at Gibbes …Chapter to loan artifacts for exhibit.

Captain J. Risk donates “Timely Railroad Topics”  issued by ACL 1929-30.

“BF” to be displayed on curved track on John Street in glass covering.

“Churches on Rails” discussed.

Photo of American Baptist Publication Society Train.

June                                      “BF” goes to California.

Branchville Station and Museum fire discussed.

Engine Nos. rather than Train Nos. now identify trains.

“October Sky” movie features O W Link cameo.

Martin family has mail order business in VA with anything with RR markings

(Southrail Specialties).

July                                       “BF” returns to Ann Street.

August                                 O W Link  Gala at Gibbes.

J. Alterman photo presented to Gibbes, night shot of Museum with steam

locomotive passing in front.

“BF” Drum featured in garden at Gibbes.

September                        E. Hutto video, “The South Carolina Railroad”, available.

Moncks Corner Depot being rebuilt as cultural community center.

R. Prince books, “Atlantis Coast Railroad” and “Seaboard Air Line Railway”,

available through Indiana Univ Press.

Two wooden cottages mysteriously donated to HO scale layout.

October                              “BF” will have trackage and adequate shelter as part of DiscoveryCenter.

Extensive light rail system and Futrex monorail are receiving attention in

press as solutions to traffic problems.

Hallmark Card Stores stock OO gauge locomotives.

November                         C. Blum organizes railroad fair at N Chas Armory.


January                               P. Stabovitz looking for photo of “Fireless Cooker” locomotive.

Charlie, the alligator, one time resident in pond next to Army Depot is missing.

C.Carrere requests information on train wreck in St. George, 1905.

M. Weidle donates copy of “Map and Profile of the Country Between

Charleston and Hamburg with a View to a Proposed Rail-Road” (1828).

February                            K. Nicholson remembered as only female Chapter President.

Savannah Chapter visits.

J. Le Cato and W. Kennedy visit SpannElemSchool in Summerville.

March                                  Chapter loses space in Aiken House.

ET&WNC Garden Railroad formed by P. Stabovitz.

G. Johnson, who once drove “BF” in Chicago Transportation Show, visits  Museum.

April                                      Move of Artifacts continues.

August                                 Charleston County Library to be used for some Chapter meetings.

L. Rubin signs books, “The Bollweevil and the Triple Play”, “Small Craft

Advisory” and “A Memory of Trains”,  at Chapter Two Bookstore.

September                        Chapter to meet at Ashley House.

Camden Tower Project readdressed.

Aiken House to be converted to a Gift Shop.

October                              Slides, titled, “Steam Around the World”, shown.
A. Langley book, C&WC,” tells of ACL & Central of GA.


February                            Chief Greenberg discusses excursion to Winnsboro in police van.

J. Gilbert book, “South Carolina Railroad Stations”, available.

March                                  Trip to SCRM discussed.

April                                      P. Stabovitz writes account of Chapter trip to SCRM.

Dr. K. Sexton sends Chapter interesting pictures.

May                                       Glass enclosure on John Street for “BF” accepted by Architectural Board.

June                                      P. Stabovitz demonstrates rolling stock  from his G gauge Railroad, a

Bachman ten-wheeler.

Mrs. W. Sawyer displays horizontal boiler, built by Stuart Co. in England …

brought to US 25 years ago.
B. Pegram, Past Chapter President, elected to executive post with Lionel Train Club.

NorthAlabamaRailroadMuseum has R. P. O. Car, ca 1920 Southern Coach
and Sleeper, “OcmulgeeRiver” and 1926 Box-cab.

August                                 J. Le Cato tells of childhood near Baltimore and B&O local trains.

“BF” portion of Camden Project to be last constructed.

September                        J. Le Cato shows 40 year old slides of Turkish Railroad Steam.
A. Pandy invites Chapter to visit “Just Trains” on Rivers Avenue.

November                         Mrs. Editor takes a tumble . . . Mr. Editor becomes “Second Cook and Baker”.

Story of how name, AMTRAX, became AmTrak.

December                         Christmas Train, American Flyer electric engine with three Pullman green cars.

City of Charleston Police Train Show has replica of Orient Express at Charleston Place
December                         O gauge display at Charleston Place.

Transportation shed in Aiken with actors impersonating Wm. Aiken, Ezra Miller.


March                                  Children’s Museum has gala opening.

Recount of US supplies to rebuild French Railroads after WWll.

May                                       Light Rail recommended for Charleston in letter to editor.


July                                       Thanks given to Mrs. Charlotte Humphrey for our use of Ashley House for Chapter meetings.

Captain John Le Cato writes of his need to curtail work as editor.

November                          P. Stabovitz helps with newsletter by computerizing the system.

Report given on success of three-day success of “BF” display that was done in conjunction with “Best Friend Train Show” of model train.

SCRM planning “Grand Opening”.

December                         Thanks given to Susan Griffin and her staff for help with display.

P. Stabovitz to index pictures, videos, books and maps relating to the “Best Friend”
into reference index.

Captain Le Cato’s poem, “The Best Friend of Charleston”, is reproduced for all to enjoy.

E-mail address established for Chapter at

“The Ballad of the Iron Horse”, TV documentary, by John H. Secondi Productions, shows
“BF” under steam.

L. Jaffee has blue grass song about “BF” (1976) –


January                               P. Segui and Capt. R. Plunkett become new members.

Construction on shed to begin in June.

February                            P. Bradley becomes new member … his Depot Diner in Ravenel has train memorabilia.

Plans discussed to recatalogue artifacts and have Rodger Stroup of SC Archives and History
evaluate them.

M. Lehr to check on use of Captain’s poem by “Hootie and the Blowfish”.

2-4-2 engine in PiratelandPark in Myrtle Beach in 1970’s, with markings C&MW, NRHS
CHARLESTON CHAPTER, moved to Cowan Tenn Museum.

Movie, “Station Agent”, recommended to railfans.

Photo of No. 44 following repainting in Feb 2004 at SCRM.

March                                  Mayor forwards letter regarding poem to “Hootie”, recommending it be put to music.

K. Stoudenmire advances to Regional with “BF” Project.

Letter to B. Rainsford advising of our cataloguing of artifacts.

Chapter votes to become member of Soil and Water Conservation District.

Chapter votes to support Ravenel in efforts to establish train museum in depot.

Photo of “BF” on tracks.

April                                      Model trains stored with “BF”, belonging to Le Cato, brought to meeting.

Newsletter which exist are being placed into notebooks.

J. Fisher donates matted photo of ACL  Police Dept, 1940.

N. Wilson donates leather bound 1905 book on engineering along with photo of Henry Clay

T. Fetter account of railroading adventures in Charleston and at Clemson.

Ravenel Depot toured by Chapter members.

Port Royal Depot now a retail store specializing in sharks .

LastPort Royal train dismantled.

1938 aerial map of St Andrews area donated by B. Kennerty.

T. Fetters assisting in marking old maps.

Members attend Assoc. of Retired Railroad Employees’ meeting.

DOT web site with train wreck investigation reports.

Photo of Ladson Dept, 1880.

May                                       New meeting locations explored.

Library talk about Transcontinental Railroad by Citadel professor.

Chapter votes to donate dining chairs and conductor’s hand punch to SCRM.

June                                      “Best Friend Model Train Show” scheduled in N. Chas, Nov 13-14.

Discussion on artifacts to be donated.
B. Hill, chairman of Ravenel Project, to attend next Chapter meeting.
The book, “Best Friend”, being reprinted in paperback.

Author, G. W. Williams, has been approached by Heritage Corridor and asked to read from book when train is displayed on John Street.

T. Fetters writes about P. Stabovitz for Railfan Magazine.

2001 photo of first train across bridge over Intercoastal Waterway from Myrtle Beach  in 14 years … the Carolina Southern No. 100.

July                                       Captain John M. LeCato’s passing is announced.

B. Hill visits Chapter to discuss Ravenel Depot Project.

“BF” addition to shed may be enlarged…College of Charleston may become involved.

Artifacts are preserved on video by P. Stabovitz.

SCRM trip and “back-up incidents” recounted

Newsletters (1967-2004) are being indexed and stored in notebooks.

J. Gold of Gold’s Gym passes away…was a railfan??

“B F Train Show” (model trains) to be held Nov 13-14.

Photo of Two Truck Shay, VictoriaCo. N. 1066.

July Special Edition      Dedicated to memory of Captain John M. LeCato (1917-2004).

August                                 Hurricane “Charley” cancels August Chapter meeting.

Chapter to continue meeting at Ashley House.

Johnsons identify BF photo location as Summerville.

“Exotic Dancer” convention/Col. Springs  are risqué RR.

Kurt Stoudenmire wins Silver Medal for BF history project.

First Chapter newsletter with full color photo.

CC-NRHS credited for photos of SC Depots in web site, Tsalmon.

SCRM to raise money with sponsors and adoption program.

September                        Chapter remembers Captain Le Cato.

Donations sent to Liberty Ship John W. Brown.

Maurine Le Cato welcomed as  permanent Chapter member.

Private funds to be explored for artifacts’ display.

Newsletters indexed (1967-2004).

Fly family donates 99 Years of Progress, First Locomotive Built for Service.

Photo of the “Deezul”.

October                              Norfolk Southern contacts Chapter regarding activities with the “BF”.

Photo of  Red Hill Station, Conway, SC.

November                         Meeting not held because of Danny Jones Train Show where we displayed K.
Stoudenmire’s project board.

Lionel trains in bankruptsy.

December                         Christmas Luncheon held at Lochlear’s Restaurant with good attendance.

“Best Friend” on display with many visitors in joint effort of Children’s Museum and our Chapter
and City of Charleston.

Book, Railroad History on American Postage Stamps by Anthony J. Bianculli,
is reviewed by Chapter. . .”Best Friend” is mentioned with January 15, 183  listed as first
officially scheduled run of the train…contact with author  revealed that was  the date
according to the SC Historical Society.


January                              Su Griffin takes over position as project manager for the City of Charleston in the Office of
Economic Development.

Website planned as

Photo of 1947 locomotive crane at Anderson Quarry.

February                            Discussion of agreement between City of Charleston and Southern Region  Industrial Realty,
Inc. for “Best Friend” donation to city.

March                                  SCRM agrees to donation of ACL artifacts to Ravenel.

News photo of Mayor Baldwin with lamp donated by Chapter.

List of Short Line RRs shutting down.

April                                      Plans discussed for Ravenel Presentation at next meeting.

Long time member, H. Lane, is remembered.

Attempt made to locate some boxes of artifacts once stored at 85 Calhoun.

May                                       Meeting held at Ravenel Depot for presentation of ACL artifacts.

Presentation made by M. Lehr to Mayor Baldwin.

June                                      Discussion of how to generate more interesting meetings to encourage attendance.

Discussed having an Activities Coordinator.

Letter from T. Fetters to J. Yates of Citadel regarding old phosphate plants in
Charleston area for new book being written by Fetters.

Photo of “Stockton Terminal” train.

July                                       Art and Pat Giardino asked to serve as “Activities Coordinators”.

Dues to be increased for NRHS membership.

Photo of sports car pulling a small RR car.


September                        New members, B. Hill, F. Moore and J. Wilson were welcomed to the group.

Committee to recommend new officers for the Chapter for December vote.

Copies of “Best Friend” children’s book to be sold by Chapter.

October                              Meeting held at Carl Blum’s house…exciting multileveled train set-up.

November meeting was a progressive meeting between Best Friend Park and
Danny Jones Model Train Show.

Discussion of “PV Mountain View”…V stands for the layers of varnish applied
to protect the wood …the blunt-ended observation sleeper lounges was built
for PRR’s lastest version of the Broadway Limited.

K. Wood purchased the Mt.View and it now sits behind the USC Stadium and
is destined for Rockton after football season.

Plans for a Port Royal Diner car for the Yemassee trackage discussed.

Photograph of Southern 1596.

November                          Best Friend Display is a success with over 300 people stopping in to see the train, the children
and the newly discovered blueprints of the train.

Donations flowed freely and pictures were taken of “Friend”ly Faces for our website.

BF’s trip to NYC for Norfolk Southern’s 175th anniversary made the news and headlines.

New members, Tommy Burkhalter, Ben Pogue and Ted Xykellis, are welcomed to the Chapter.

December                         Christmas luncheon at Locklear’s Restaurant with guest, Craig Myers, editor of TIES
Best Friend model train by Lionel on display.
New officers  elected…Mary Lehr,  President; Arthur Knapp, VP; Pete Stabovitz, Secretary;
ID Smith, Treasurer; with the appointment of Frank Moore, Historian; Art Giardino, Editor,
Art and Pat Giardino, Activity  Chairmen.


January                               Railfans are called “Foamers” by operating people, Pete Stabovitz recognized
as out-going president.
BF visits NYC.
“Steel Roads and Iron Men” video  discussed.

February                            College of Charleston students visit BF (photo).
Union Pacific assesses charges for use of their name, B. Kennerty donated pictures of
Jahnz  and Radium Stations.

March                                  M. Lehr’s  visit to Brosnan Forest Retreat discussed.
Chapter visits American Orient Express,
Display set up at Cheraw Festival.

April                                     Scrapbook contributed by I. Shecut.
D. Adams of Beaufort tells of article about BF.
Southern Railway Historical Association visits BF.
M. Lehr presented award at  SRHA convention banquet.

May                                      New printer contributed.

Photos of BF dedication in Atlanta in 1929 identified by Pollie Singletary
Article about Gray brother contributed.

Sun Model Co planning “O” gauge model of BF.

June                                   Thanks extended to Ashley House for many years service to Chapter.

BF slated for loan to Norfolk for display in Atlanta Headquarters.

Problem with BF track will need repair before train moved.

Discussion of celebration of Chapter’s 40th anniversary in April 2007.

Grant Whipple remembered.

July                                     Chapter meeting held at The Citadel’s Daniel Library.

Model train display attracts young visitors.

Simpsonville Historical Review editor  visits.

Book on JohnsIsland being written by C. Haynie.

BF display until loaned to Norfolk addressed in S. Brennan letter.

C. Young donates scrapbook for Chapter History.

Story of L&W RR by P. Stabovitz.

Tour of CSX planned.
Crews givesACL nickname, “All Cars Leak.”

August                               BF track needs repair.
CSX tour discussed.
Group photo of tour.
Boy Scout merit badge discussed.

September                     Chapter scrapbook displayed.
C. Blum to have “Open House”
Wooden model of Best Friend  offered to Chapter.
Best Friend display in November discussed.
ABC affiliate contacts Chapter about magazine article.