Many of these photographs were found in the Charleston Chapter Archives and they are being added to periodically.  We are hopeful that we will be able to add other stations as they are shared with us.  Since many of these stations have been demolished, these photos are the only known pictorial representations of their existence.  We have been fortunate to receive photos from various sources, as indicated by the credits included with the photos.            

          We especially want to thank Ann L. Helms, John D. Jones and Mike Young, as well as various other station fans for sharing their collection of SC station photos with us.  Many of the photographs came from Frank Moore’s collection.  We respect his ownership of these photographs, as shown by the inclusion of his copywrite. 

Any updated information about these stations would  be appreciated through our e-mail 

A wonderful collection of photos from the Railroad Station Historical Society 2008 Convention in Charleston is another great point of reference for any station fan.     

Abbeville.Aiken.Alcolu.Alston.Ashepoo.Babcock.Barnwell.Batesburg.Bennettsville & Cheraw.Bishopville.Blackville.Blair.Branchville.Brunson.
Cades.Calhoun Falls.Camden.Cameron.Campobello.Carlisle.Chapin.Charleston.AmTrak.Grove Street.Jahnz and Radium.
Tower Depot.Union Station.Union Station back entrance.Clemson.Columbia.Conway.Cope.
Ft. Inn.Gilbert.Great Falls.Green Pond.Greer.Greenville.Hales.Hamburg.Hampton.Harvin.Hayne.Hilda.Holly Hill.Jamestown.
Johns Island.Stono.Kingstree.Kline.Ladson. Lake City.Landrum.Lamar.Laurens.LittleMtn.Lyman.Manning.Martin .McCormick,Miley.Moncks Corner.
Mullins.Myrtle Beach.Newberry.Orangeburg.Pacolet.Pelion.Pendleton.Perry.Pickens.Pinewood.Pomaria.Owing. PortRoyal.Prosperity.Ravenel.
Reevesville.Ridgeville.Ridgeville.Rock Hill.Ruffin.Salley.Salters.Scotia.Spartanburg.St George.Summerville.Sycamore.Timmonsville.Ulmer.Union.Vandemere.Varnville.Walterboro.Westminster.Whitmire.
Whitehall .Wiggins.Williams.Williston.Williamston.Woodruff.Yemassee  
(Photos are  from Charleston Chapter Archives, unless otherwise noted)
     . . .  click on photo to enlarge  . . .                 


    As a CSX locomotive pulls into the station, a lone worker walks beside the track.  Business was certainly not brisk on the day this photo was taken.  The station is located at its original site on Depot Street off Vienna Avenue.


     The Aiken Station is shown in one of Frank Moore’s photos of the station before it was demolished.  the two photos below were taken by John Jones in 2010 and show the station as it looks today as a reproduction built to replicate the old station. The station contains a diorama of the route between Charleston and Hamburg in the 1920’s, with buildings in the diorama representing how the towns looked during the 1920’s.


     The ACL Station as it was in 1920.
(Courtesy Mike West)
ALCOLU, SC UPDATE 2008 (Courtesy John D. Jones)


    This depot is located at the junction of Southern Rwy’s V Line between Columbia and Breenville (behind the station), and the W Line between Columbia and Spartanburg (in foreground).  Although ther last passenger train was discontinued in 1968, the outline of the standard SR metal Train Bulletin board is visible next to the window.  This depot was sold to an individual who moved it to his property at lake Murray.  At far left the V Line’s bridge over the Broad River may be seen.  Although this trackage has been removed, NS donated the right-of-way and it and the bridge are now a part of the Palmetto Trail.  The W Line remains an active NS route. (original source unknown, courtesy of Mike Young 2009)


The Ashepoo Station pictured here, on close inspection, shows signs for “White” and “Colored” over the two doors on the side of the building.
The second photo may be dated before the year of the parked car shown in the photo. The man in the lower left seemed to be looking right at the camera.  The photographer must have taken the shot from an elevated position, just right for spying on the two men outside the station.  The men seem to be studying something that one of them is holding.

BABCOCK, SCInformation about the Babcock Depot is needed.

BARNWELL, SC (Courtesy John D. Jones)

                                                   BATESBURG, SC                                                                  The Batesburg Depot was restored and moved to Wilson and Perry Streets next to the City Park.  It is now being used by the Boy Scouts. (Photo courtesy of Ann L. Helms)    


  Mike Young stumbled across this old depot  while trying to follow the old B&C r-o-w from Bennettsville to Sellers. He says, “It is literally in the middle of nowhere.  This is the only trace of the B&C that I was ever able to find.  Unbelievably, there was a freight depot next door, but it was so overgrown with trees/bushes that you could hardly see it and it loooked like it had almost collapsed.  The old Drake cotton gin was across the road, but  I could not shoot it due to the sun, and people living in a trailor on the property, who were giving me evil looks.  The depot had been converted to apartments at one point.  It probably survived because Mr. Drake was a principal founder of the B&C.  When I returned a few years later, I found the roof caved in.  I wondered if the plywood box under the bay window was originally access for some type of train order signal mechanism, (2009)    

BISHOPVILLE, SC Good friend, John D. Jones, has given his permission for us to include some of his photos of RR stations on our web site.  His extensive travels has put him in the vicinity of many stations over the past few years and we are happy to have him as a contributor.  This photo is of the old ACL freight station.

                                                   BLACKVILLE, SC                                                        (Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)    

                                                   BLAIR, SC                                                        This photo depot was on the Southern Rwy “W” Line, between  Columbia and Spartanburg. The depot was sold to a private owner and removed. (original source of photo is unknown, photo provided courtesy of Mike Young 2009)

                                                   BRANCHVILLE, SC (Photos courtesy of John D. Jones)    

BRUNSON, SCThis photo was taken in July of 2008 by John D. Jones during a return visit.  The weeds had been cleared away and he had a chance to photograph the station with better visibility, possibly for the last time, because it seemed that the station was being dismantled.


                     The Cades Station is an ACL station located between Lake City and Kingstree. (Photos courtesy of R. Myers Truluck, Jr. 2009)


     Chapter member, Tommy Burkhalter, happened upon the  Calhoun Falls Station as it was being moved in 2005.

CAMDEN,  SC Located on West DeKalb Street (on National Historic Register)…the station is now used by AMTRAK.

(Photo courtesy of Ann L. Helms 2009)
Located  at the crossing of the Southern Rwy’s “SA” Line between Branchville and Augusta, and its “C” Line from Columbia to Hardeeville (thence Savannah and Jacksonville, via the trackage rights over the ACL), this depot has been donated to the town, moved and restored.  (original source unknown, courtesy of Mike Young 2009) 

CAMERON,  SC This ACL station is located on Boyce Lawton Street at 2nd Street next to City Hall and is now used by the City.

(Photo courtesy of Ann L. Helms 2009)


CARLISLE,  SC Carlisle was known as “Fish Dam Foard” until 1890.  The Broad River is nearby and Indians placed rocks at the foard and this hidden series of rocks allowed them to cross the river and escape as if by magic when being chased.(Courtesy of C. L. Goolsby 1972)


    Our Chapter is fortunate to have a “dueling banjos” type of photo contest going on with friends, Ann L. Helms and John D. Jones. John says the Chapin depot is in the front yard of a house 1/2 mile down Lazy Brook Drive (off US 76 and a little west of Chapin toward Newberry).  It is the original and possibly the only depot at Chapin.  The owner says the town is thinking of moving it back into town and restoring it.   Since it is probably the only C&L building left besides the Little Mtn section house, it would be worth the effort to save it.
(Photo courtesy of John D. Jones 2007)

AMTRAK STATION CHARLESTON,SC                Several shots of the AmTrak Station sign in North Charleston. We are anxious for the new Intermodal Station to be built on West Montague to provide a beautuiful welcome and deoarture venue for our travellers.We hope the current AmTrak building that belongs to CSX will be used as a museum for the community that has roots in that neighborhood.

(Courtesy Tad Ensley, 2012)

GROVE STREET STATION CHARLETON,  SC This was an  ACL Station that residents remember as a stopping point for the “Doodlebug” as well as for the circus train. The 1950’s Raiklway Express car is an interesting inclusion in this photo.


     The worker gathered Irish potatoes in barrels.  The potatoes were put through a grading machine (shown in background), then bagged and put in the rail cars for shipment to NY either by rail or on Clyde Mallory Line Steamships. The photos below are of the potato fields. Click on the photo to enlarge. (Courtesy B. Kennerty)


     Across the cabbage fields is Radium Station.  The gentleman in the dark suite is W. C. Kennerty, father of Chapter member, Bill Kennerty.  Bill recalls his father putting him on the train at  Radium Station for a ride to Jahnz Station where his father would pick him up for the trip back home. (Courtesy B. Kennerty)


    A wonderful snapshot found in the Captain’s trove of pictures and goodies…it is one of those small pictures like you use to find in your parents’ collection of pictures that you never see anymore.  The date of  the picture would be interesting…maybe judge from the year of the car parked in front of the building.


    Built in 1907, situated at the corner of Columbus and East Bay Streets, serving Atlantic Coast Line, Seaboard Air Line and Southern Railways, Union Station caught fire at 11:35 a.m. on January 11, 1947 and was completely destroyed.The color photo shows the diorama of the Union Station built in 2009 by the CMR Company for the town of Aiken.





    Back entrance of Union Station after Storm of 1911. 
 (Captain Le Cato Collection)

CLEMSON, SC Located on corner of College and Elm Streets. (Photo courtesy Ann L. Helms)


    Now the Blue Marlin Restaurant located at Gervais and lincoln Streets in the Vista district of Columbia.

(Photo courtesy of Ann L. Helms)


    Located on South Main Street, this depot served Atlantic Coast Line and Southern Railway. It is now the Carolina Dreaming Restaurant and is listed on the National Historic Register.

(Photos courtesy of John D. Jones and Ann L. Helms respectively)


    Red Hill Station in Conway, SC is a former WCL Station.  It is now used as a trucking company office.  It has a very unique chrome decorated stove.  Photo was taken in September 2004. (Photo courtesy of Pete Stabovitz)

COPE, SC ACL Station

(Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)

DARLINGTON, SC SAL Freight Station

Station has been coverted for commercial use and is hardly recognizable from front of building. This photo shows station from the track side. (Photo courtesy of John D. Jones, 2005)


When this picture was taken of the Demorest Station, it was in bad need of repair.



(Courtesy of John D. Jones)

                          DIXIANA, SC                   Our friend, Ann Helms, has been visiting the Lowcountry and Midlands and sent some photos of stations.  She advises that the Dixiana depot was moved to the Cayce Museum and Historical Site next to City Hall in Cayce (Lexington County).

                        DONORA, SC                   This photo was taken yesterday of the C&W depot at Donora. One reason it still exists is probably because it is located inside the Savannah River Site and is inaccessible to the general public.  A friend had access to that area and photographed the depot showing that the train order tower is till there, but the existence of the arm is uncertain. (John D. Jones 2012)

EFFINGHAM, SCOur friend, R. Myers Truluck, Jr.,  advises that  this station has been moved and is located on the Swink/McCall property for use as a clubhouse.  2009 (Courtesy of John D. Jones)

EHRHART, SC(courtesy of Ann Helms 2009)

  Our friend Ann Helms writes us in 2009 that there are plans for a railroad museum in a park not far from the depot.
(Courtesy of John D. Jones)

ELGIN, SC This restored depot is located at the crossroads of Blaney Road and Stephen Campbell Road. The depot was originally called Blaney Station.  It is currently being used as a feed and tack store. (Courtesy of Ann L. Helms 2009)


ELLOREE, SCThanks to Steve Poe for furnishing this photograph of the station in Elloree.  The beautiful blue sky certainly lends a nice setting for the little blue station.  According to the sign below, the station is now used by the Orangeburg School District.

ESTILL, SC (Courtesy of John D. Jones)

FAIRFAX, SC (Courtesy of Frank Moore)

FT INN, SC (Courtesy of John D. Jones)

GILBERT, SCThe station was restored and moved to 333 Hampton Street, a few blocks from its original location. A second visit in May 2011 showed some additions to the station.  They have added a short rail bed with a signal arm, a cross buck signal, a work car and several other signs that we were not abl;e to interpret. (Ann Helms) 

GREAT FALLS, SCThis depot is located adjacent to a lake and is now converted for use as apartments.  It was originally constructed in 1911. (courtesy Ann Helms 2009)

GREEN POND, SC (Courtesy of John D. Jones)


GREENVILLE, SC This is the CSX yard office that replaced the P&N office building at River Jct. (Courtesy of John D. Jones, 2010)



GREER, SCThe Greer station is located at 311 Trade Street. (Photo courtesy of Ann Helms)


(Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)



HAMBURG, SC An important station at the time of the establishment of the original 136 miles of the SCCRR in 1833. The town of Hamburg is no longer listed on maps.

(Photo courtesy of Lora Cunningham,..2011)



HAMPTON, SC(Courtesy of John D. Jones)



The old Atlantic Coast Line Station from Harvin (east of Manning) is now a two family dwelling in Alcolu, SC.

HAYNE, SC           The Hayne Street Station was located near Fair Forest just outside of Spartanburg until the 1980’s (torn down). There used to be several textile mills in the vicinity, and at least one rail line still goes through the area (Norfolk Southern I think). Signs of old rail beds that were removed can be seen around the ruins of the old mills, and there are still some streets named “Railroad Ave” and Depot Street” near the Arcadia Mill. At least one mill has been saved and converted into condominiums. I shot some pictures around the area, and there is still a very old wooden building with a freight platform attached near the tracks at Hayne Street and E. Blackstock Road, and some old brick warehouse and stores that are still in use.  The Spartanburg Hub Museum has some architectural drawings and photos. (Thanks to Ann Helms for  this information.)This photo was taken on May 27, 1967.                                                                                                                                                                    


(Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)



HOLLY HILL, SCThese photographs of the Holly Hill  ACL Depot and the accompanying metal building that was used by the RR were taken by Ann L. Helms on a 2009 trip along Hwy 176. The depot is in its original location along the RR tracks on Old State Road, between Depot Street and Railroad Street, and is used as a Visitor/Community Center. The metal building is located about one block away.



      This depot was located at Sell Point.  The tracks are still in use today but the depot was torn down after it shut down operations in late 1960s.  The cubby holes from that station are now on display at the Best Friend Museum. (courtesy of F. Moore)

      This photograph of the Stono Station is very rare. The station was located on Johns Island until the early 1970’s at the SAL crossing where Belvidere Road veers off to the northwest, approximately a mile north of Humbert Road.  The family of the station agent, Frank Howard, still live a short distance from where the station stood. The telephone that was installed in the stations agent’s office was the first telephone on Johns Island.  One incident the family recalls during the time of WWII is the movement of military supplies and troops over the SAL tracks following a telephone order to Mr. Howard to allow those cars to go through without any delay.  (courtesy of F. Moore)


(Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)


(Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)


    This picturesque depot was dismantled in 1935. It was built in a gingerbread style which could be found in many locations because the station plans were made available as kits in the manner of the Sears and Roebuck kit houses like the one which former President Richard Nixon was speculated to have lived in after his father built their 900 sq. ft. bungalow on the family’s citrus ranch in Lorba Linda, CA in 1912.  Further investigation has revealed that no one has been able to find matching plans for the Nixon house in any of the Modern Homes Catalogues offered by Sears.The South Carolina Railway built the Ladson station and its freight shed with the ornate trimmings in 1880.  It was originally constructed in Summerville, SC and then moved to Ladson on flatcars.

        After a drive through the Ladson area looking for the site of  this depot, a local resident suggested we call the postal deliverer who would remember the station and some of its history.  Mrs. Priester, the postal deliverer, offered to show us its former location and we may return some day, just to see where the doll house once stood.

LAKE CITY, SC An ACL station.

(Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)


(Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)

This Southern Railway Station typlifies the size and architecture of the small town station along the Southern Line.
(September 1974 “Best Friend” Newsletter)


(Courtesy John D. Jones)



    1890’s section house still stands, restored, at Church and Pomaria Streets.


(Courtesy Ann L. Helms)


(Courtesy Ann L. Helms)

MARTIN, SC C&WC Station (Photo courtesy of John Jones)



    SCL No. 0980 sits outside the station in McCormick, along with a trailer and satellite dish…quite a mixture !
SCL/L&NTrain at McCormick Station Family Lines System

MILEY, SC (Photo courtesy of John Jones)


MONCKS CORNER, SC This station has a small museum and is used as a visitor center. It is located off Hwy 52 at the Intersection of 17A and Hwy 6.  Thanks to railfriend, Ann Helms, for the information and  photo.

MULLINS, SC    The SCL Station at Mullins, SC is a good example of a small town station – complete with train with order signals. (courtesy of Mike West)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC    Built in 1937, this ex-ACL depot was restored in 2004 and is one of the few remaining original buildings in Myrtle Beach. Now listed on the National Register of  Historic Places., The City uses the depot as a community building. (courtesy of Gordon Mooneyhand)

NEWBERRY, SC Norfolk Southern building. (courtesy of John D. Jones)

ORANGEBURG, SC     The Orangeburg Station looks like a scene from a western movie. The horses and carriages indicate that this picture is quite old.


The CSX Station is located between Dukes and Union Streets  on Broughton Street. (Courtesy James Wike 2012)


  Wonderful C&WC Station sitting beside track on Hwy 14.  The drawing of a train on the side of station gives the appearance that the train is sitting on the tracks.  A short distance down the track in Gray Court, SC is a Norfolk Western Caboose sitting along the track.

(Courtesy John Jones)


PACOLET, SC     There seem to be only some old buildings left along the tracks in Pacolet (Spartanburg County) off Hwy 150. (Courtesy Ann L. Helms)


    This station sat off the road and looked deserted for a long time and then it disappeared and suddenly reappeared beside a lake right off Hwy 178.  We went exploring down a road named “No Trespassing” and found the little station to be in good repair with a fresh coat of white paint.  Ann Helms furnished the photo of the station in its current location (2009).  What a wonderful lake house!  At the Pelion Town Hall we were told that the station had been bought relocated and was being used year round.  Beside the town hall sat an old Southern Railway caboose which had been used as a reading room by the public library.  The history of the town and railroad is available at the town hall and is  very interesting.

PENDLETON, SC(Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)

PERRY, SC(Photo courtesy of Ann L. Helms)

PICKENS, SC(Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)

PINEWOOD, SCACL Station (Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)



    Ann Helms  found during a January 2009 visit that the Pomaria Depot is long gone, but the warehouse that sat along the tracks on Hwy 176 still stands and the railbed is now a walking path.  Conflicting markers identify the line as the Columbia and Newberry RR/or/Greenville and Columbia RR. The cotton gin at the far left is now located on Main Street but it once sat  next to the old depot.
(Courtesy Ann L. Helms)


    The Port Royal Depot has been relocated away from the railroad tracks to Main Street.  The building is currently a retail store dealing in shark related items.  The proprietor is known for his deep sea expeditions exploring sharks and their habitat.  Now … a visit to this location would be an interesting week-end outing!May 2005 Update…Well forget that… The shark fellow met an unexpected diving problem 6 months ago and the depot is now being rented by a photograph studio.  We should have gone ahead and visited like we wanted to last year!  We hear that all of the shark stuff is now packed away in boxes.

 A recent visit to Port Royal presented a good photo op. The station is now a framing business.  To the back of the station is a cute red caboose that seems perfect  for birthday parties or even a cafe.  The caboose houses a table and  two chairs reminiscent of an old ice cream parlor.

PROSPERITY, SCC&G Station (Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)


    This CSX station at Ravenel was bought by the town in the mid 1980’s and is scheduled  to be moved a short distance from the RR tracks on Hwy 165 where it will be restored to its original condition. The depot will be made into a museum with ACL and SAL artifacts as a primary focus. The museum will contain many artifacts contributed by the CCNRHS, including a teletype machine used at the SY switching tower that was located in the neck area of Charleston where the Seaboard track crossed those of Southern Railway and a telegraph key.UPDATE … MAY  2009: Buddy Hill provided the photos below of the Ravenel Depot as it now  appears in its new location a short distance away from the RR tracks.  He advises that a major portion of the restoration is  nearing completion.  They have secured an ACL  train order board and hope to have it restored and erected in the coming months.  They hope additional grants  will make it possible for them to construction freight platforms and complete the interior.

REEVESVILLE, SC  Southern RR section house. There are several such houses currently located on property near the Baptist Church(Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)



  Southern Depot in Ridgeville, SC, 1980.



(Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)



The original Rock Hill bi-level station was served by intersecting tracks (both Southern) with one at ground level and the other elevated.. This station was torn down in the mid-1970’s.

(Photo courtesy of C. L. Goolsby)



The Ruffin station has been relocated to a farm in Walterboro.  The current owner would like to have a photo of the station in its original location.  He would especially like to have a photo of the original sign that was on the property. (Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)



SALLEY, SCThe Salley Depot is not included on the National Historic Register yet the Freight Platform and Coca Cola Warehouse across the street are both registered. (Photo courtesy of Ann L. Helms 2009)



The Salters Station is located on Glad and Depot Street.  It is an ACL station and located near several abandoned old buildings and a lovely old home that is occupied. (Photo courtesy of Ann L. Helms 2009)


SCOTIA, SCJohn D. Jones sent us the two photos of the station in Scotia.  The photos  were found by Pete Silcox while he was working at the old Savannah Division Office.



The Simpsonville

SPARTANBURG, SC This photograph of the Spartanburg Depot on Magnolia Street shows the portion of the depot that still stands. The smoke stack of Spartan Mills may be seen to the right of the depot. UPDATE: The May 1, 2010 opening of the Hub City Railroad Museum in the old Spartanburg Depot was welcomed by many railfans and was attended by several of the Charleston Chapter NRHS.  The museum is a wonderful location for railfans to gather to see the history of railroading recreated in such a small space.  Congratulations to Craig Myers, Museum Curator, on a job well done. (courtesy of Ann L. Helms 2008)The second photo of the Spartanburg Station shows the “Carolina Special”, Train No. 27, at the station in 1960. (courtesy of C. L. Goolsby collection)


ST GEORGE, SC Ann Helms reports that this old building that was moved to Walters Pond  on Second Texas Road may have been the original depot but locals think it may have been torn down.  Additional information will be reported as it is available.(Courtesy of Ann L. Helms 2009)



SUMMERVILLE, SCThis is the  Summerville diorama that will be displayed in Aiken. It shows Summerville circa 1916.



SUMMERVILLE, SCThis is a print taken from a glass negative of the Summerville Depot. (George L. Cook)



SYCAMORE, SC (Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)



TIMMONSVILLE, SC (Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)



    It appears from this photograph, there is more than railroading going on here.

UNION, SC… Beautiful structure … future uncertain … Let’s work to keep it as a shining example of our proud heritage.Thanks to Jennie Holton Fant for alerting us about it’s condition. (photo courtesy of John Jones)


VANDEMERE, SC (Photo courtesy of John Jones 2008)


VARNVILLE, SC                                           (Photo courtesy of John Jones 2008)


WALTERBORO, SC  These photographs from 2005 and 2009 indicate that the Walterboro Depotand its surrounding grounds are being maintained.Thanks to Ann Helms for the 2009 photo.
2005 2009



(Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)




(Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)




SAL Depot located on Duckett Street (Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)



WIGGINS, SC ACL freight house located between Hamlet, Charleston and Savannah. The Wiggins Rairoad Depot is now located in the Ace Basin.  When the mill tiown of Wiggins developed in early 1900, rails were needed ti carry lumber from Gren Pond plantations to other mills along the river. The Wiggins Raiklroad Depot was used by Cheeha-Combahee families for transportation, often for vacations and even for transporting dirty laundry to Charleston.

(Photo courtesy of John D. Jones 2010)




(Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)




(Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)


WILLISTON, SCThanks to fellow Chapter member Tommy Burkhalter’s mother, we have these rare photos saved from the Tricentinnial Edition  of The Barnwell People-Sentinel and The Williston Way, June 25, 1970.


Old ACL Station has been moved to North SC. Structure still standing as of 2005. (Photo courtesy of John D. Jones)